Vail Valley Restaurants — Great Plates

Vail Valley restaurants cover the map in terms of cuisine, costs and ambiance. But what all of them share in common is that they each feature a Great Plate — or two, or five.

What’s a Great Plate, you might ask? Basically, it’s a dish of mythic proportions that can manifest in a number of ways. Maybe it’s something that’s served only occasionally (instead of year round), so people wait for it with immense anticipation until it reappears on the menu. Or maybe it doesn’t show up on the menu at all, so you need to be in the know to order – and enjoy – it. Or maybe it’s a dish that’s grown so popular the restaurant has become known for its specialty in that area. However a dish comes to attain Great Plate status at a Vail Valley restaurant, you’re all but guaranteed to be making a great choice by ordering it. And if you want to enjoy a culinary adventure across the Vail Valley, there’s no better way to do so than by sampling Great Plates at as many Vail Valley restaurants as possible.

Delicious Items at Vail Valley Restaurants

If you’ve gotten stuck in an eating rut, say, by eating the same type of food all the time or frequenting only a select few restaurants, let the allure of Vail Valley restaurants’ Great Plates shake you out of your culinary stagnation. Use the guide below to seek out new and exciting dishes at never-before-tried restaurants. And check back regularly, because Vail Valley restaurants frequently update their Great Plates offerings!