Vail Valley Nightlife Events

The Vail Valley is known for many things: gorgeous landscapes, amazing hiking, camping, and backpacking opportunities, an upscale resort culture paired with the vibes of laid-back mountain towns and some of the best skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the country. What it’s not necessarily known for is its nightlife. But even though Vail Valley nightlife may not generate a national reputation, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the Vail Valley any night of the week.

For starters, there’s a dedicated Happy Hour culture in towns up and down the valley. Restaurants in Vail, Minturn, Avon, Edwards, Eagle and other Vail Valley towns feature Happy Hour specials in the form of reduced drink prices, discounted appetizers and other deals. The vibe at Vail Valley Happy Hours varies by the establishment; depending on where you go, you can expect anything from an upscale atmosphere to enthusiastic trivia match-ups or laid-back hangouts.

If your idea of nightlife includes dimly lit rooms and dancing for hours, then you won’t be disappointed in the Vail Valley. While the valley may not be home to a massive club scene – after all, the region is made up of small mountain towns – it does offer a handful of clubs to choose from if you’re interested in staying out late.

Vail Valley Nightlife: From Happy Hour to Cultural Events

If drinking or bars aren’t your preferred scenes, then you’ll still have plenty of Vail Valley nightlife options to choose from. In spite of its small size, the valley is home to a variety of cultural events in the form of live theater, dance and music productions. The valley also hosts a weekly roundup of speakers from around the world who present on topics ranging from health care to trends in different fields such as education. No matter your preferred form of evening entertainment, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for in the Vail Valley.

When you're checking out the nightlife options in the Valley, make sure to pay attention to any age requirements or other suggestions about pets or family inclusion. 

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