Wild West Ridge

Discover Avon, Wild West Ridge

Wild West can be ridden up from the Avon Singletree Connector, but most enter from the June Creek trailhead in Singletree. This starts with a climb up tight switchbacks before reaching a ridgeline that overlooks Avon, Beaver Creek and Edwards. After a quick break to enjoy the scenery, you will enjoy a fast ride down the ridge on hardscrabble singletrack followed by a smile inducing section of berms, rocky switchback and rollers. The end of this ride will leave you at the junction of the Avon Singletree Connector where you can either head down to the right (west) toward singletree or head left (east) toward Avon and more trail access. 

When biking down the trail, make sure to keep an eye or for uphill bikers and hikers as there are a lot of blind spots along the way!

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Discover Avon (See address and directions on the rightbelow)