Best Mountain Bike Trails Near Vail and Beaver Creek

By Caitlin Row | Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Though our mountain town spring has been a wet one, Vail-area bike trails (primarily those between Eagle and Avon) are open for business. Just remember – if it recently rained or the trail looks wet, delay your ride until it dries out. This prevents trail damage and degradation. 

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Here are the best mountain bike trails near Vail.

Down Valley

Among more than 100 miles of singletrack mountain bike trails in Eagle, Haymaker is my favorite. That's because it's easy enough for a novice mountain biker and still offers some challenging climbs to make it interesting for more advanced riders. Expert riders may enjoy the steeps of Boneyard, located nearby.

According to Eagle Outside, "Our town-owned open space trails are open April 15 through December 15 every year, yielding about four more months of riding than our mountain-town neighbors. BLM trails such as Boneyard, Redneck Ridge and the first two loops of the Haymaker Trail stay open year-round." See all town-managed mountain bike trails by clicking here.

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Berry Creek isn't just for hikers (though it's certainly a nice out-and-back on foot). It's also a popular mountain bike trail centrally located to Beaver Creek (10 minutes away) and Vail (20 minutes away). 

According to the MTB Project, "Berry Creek is a short loop that dries out early in the spring and is easy to access right off of the interstate near Edwards. Climbing on forest service roads and then descending on singletrack, the ride has a few short segments that are moderately technical and steep."

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The West Avon Preserve is another centrally located mountain-bike trail system that's easily accessible from Vail and Beaver Creek. 

According to Discover Avon, " ... the West Avon Preserve offers winding trails of all levels – from easy to strenuous. Hiking, biking and horseback riding are allowed, while motorized vehicle use is not allowed. Wrap up your day with one of the best sunset hikes in the Vail Valley. Park at the Beaver Creek Point trailhead and head out to Beaver Creek Point to take in breathtaking views of Avon and Beaver Creek; or follow the one-mile Our Backyard loop to get great Wildridge views." See a full list of West Avon Preserve Trails here

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Vail & Beaver Creek 

Both Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek Resort offer scenic mountain biking on its trails during the summer, but only after the area is totally thawed. Don't expect to bike up there until later this summer!

And with that ...

We'll see you (on your bike) in Vail!

Photo (above) features Haymaker in Eagle, Colorado

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