Avalanche Rescue Course

Apex Mountain School, Avalanche Rescue Course

Learn and implement the skills necessary to respond to an avalanche accident. We will cover how to assign a leader, organize a group and implement a structured search pattern and recovery in a timely manner in order to increase the chances of survival for avalanche victims.


Learn and practice the skills needed to respond to an avalanche accident. In case of an avalanche, an efficient and developed response may be extremely important. Apex Mountain School offers AIARE Avalanche Rescue courses virtually every week throughout the winter season. In addition AIARE Level 1 courses are available. The AIARE Avalanche Rescue courses take a more in-depth approach to specific aspects of the AIARE curriculum such as the following.

  • How to assign a leader
  • Organize a group
  • Implement structured search patterns
  • Recovery

Similarly, we adapt to the individual and collective skill levels of the participants. As a result, we provide the greatest value to the participant based on where they are with the rescue skills. Altogether, these skills may include the subsequent rescue techniques.

  • avalanche rescue
  • multiple burial
  • deep burial
  • triage
  • other aspects of backcountry rescue

Additionally, winter travel in the Colorado Rockies and beyond demands a strong knowledge of the following items in order to appropriately asses and manage risk.

  • Avalanche terrain
  • Avalanche types and characteristics
  • Human characteristics
  • Group dynamics

This course provides world-class education through the internationally recognized AIARE curriculum. Please keep in mind, this is NOT a replacement of AIARE Level 1. Avalanche Rescue does not cover the same information. Instead, it should be considered additional avalanche education. Furthermore, AIARE has also made the one-day avalanche rescue course a prerequisite for AIARE Pro 1 and AIARE Level 2 courses.


Students should be prepared to travel in backcountry terrain by ski or splitboard (or snowshoe, if no other option). The course takes place in mountainous terrain, at altitude, possibly in harsh weather. As a result, we urge that students come prepared for unfavorable conditions. Suggestions for attire are located in the “to bring” tab.

Registration for the course is required.  This course is also available at Vail Mountain where we have lift access to the field location. Furthermore, we offer Private Courses in which you will be taught in a personal setting with your own instructor.

Pre-registration required
Program Times: 
8:00AM - 5:00PM
Days of the week: 
Start date: 
Thursday, December 27, 2018

Where is the activity?

Apex Mountain School (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Apex Mountain School

51 Eagle Road
Unit 1
(970) 949-9111